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About us

Wisecraft group has more than 30 years experience in Tools business, we are specialized in Power tool accessories, Hand tools, and Auto parts. Main Products: 1. Hole saw & Hole saw accessories: Different quality level with working purpose on cutting stone, metal, wood. Over 15 million pcs/year. 2. Impact & Standard srewdriver bits: Over 150 million pcs/year. 3. PTA sets & Hand tool sets: Over 6 million sets/year. ...



Ningbo key export-oriented enterprise specializing in the production of hardware tools, plastic products, power tool accessories and other products


Join hands with the giants to connect with the international

Guanghua strength

Join hands with the giants to connect with the international

Enterprise Strength

The company has advanced processing equipment, such as Japan's Makino high-speed milling and Mitsubishi slow wire, Swiss Charmilles sparks, Mazak CNC lathes and Taiwan precision grinding machines, mesh belt furnaces, vacuum furnace heat treatment equipment, etc., a total of more than 250 units, with Good high precision machining capability...



Since its establishment in 1992, it has established a strategic partnership with world-renowned power tool manufacturers for more than ten years and is one of the largest hardware tool manufacturers in China.


Corporate Vision

The sales volume of leading products ranks among the top three in the industry; it provides a growth platform for the development of each Guanghua people.


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